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Robin Djunginy, craftswoman from Ramingining
A site featuring David Gulpilil's wife, Robyn Djunginy, a traditional artist and craftswoman.
appropriate cultural exchange with Aboriginal people
Site devoted to appropriate cultural exchange, featuring ways of respecting Aboriginal cultural forms. (This site takes a long time to load but it contains a wealth of information if you are patient.)
Aboriginal cultural center
A gorgeous site featuring Aboriginal art, history, music and culture in Alice Springs.
Aboriginal art gallery
Aboriginal art center and gallery in Sydney, NSW.
Gulpilil's home region
A comprehensive site offering information about the major population centers, language groups and cultures of North East Arnhem Land, Gulpilil's native region in Australia's Northern Territory. This site is specifically about the regional origins of indigenous art.
Aboriginal languages link
Learn more about the languages spoken in the region where Gulpilil comes from. (Warning -- this site takes forever to load! It may be worthwhile, however, if indigenous Australian languages interest you.)x

about Neville Bonner - Aboriginal member of parliament

An article by Neville Bonner, first indigenous member of parliament, explaining why he favored constitutional monarchy.
Yothu Yindi band website
Yothu Yindi a world famous Aboriginal rock band from Australia's Northern Territory whose indigenous members combine traditional and contemporary forms of music designed to educate interested outsiders about their lives and culture.
Australian folk musicians Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter Review of Rough Guide to Australian Folk Music featuring Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter.
"National Sorry Day" for Stolen Generations Information about Australia's "National Sorry Day" -- an attempt by groups and individuals to acknowledge and apologize to indigenous people for the government's forcible removal of ethnically-mixed children from their families, notwithstanding the government's failure to admit that this policy was wrong. 
Educational center in Gulpilil's home town, Ramingining Visit the Ramingining Resource Center in Gulpilil's home town.
Aboriginal elders visit U.S. to protest "Mutant Message" Read about how a group of Australian indigenous elders traveled to the U.S. to protest the making of a film based on the novel "Mutant Message Downunder," which they say is racist and desecrates their sacred beliefs.
Link to Australian indigenous studies resources A good comprehensive link to topics in Australian indigenous studies, featuring teaching resources.

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