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List of Gulpilil's movies in international film database Internet Movie Database  list of Gulpilil's film and TV work.
The Tracker -- Gulpilil's film premiering in 2002 The Tracker - Gulpilil's most recent film, premiered at the Adelaide Festival of Arts 2002, now being screened in the U.S. This is Gulpilil's first starring role since "Walkabout."

Rabbit-Proof Fence -- Gulpilil plays supporting role

Information about the film Rabbit-Proof Fence in which Gulpilil plays a tracker hired to pursue three ethically mixed Aboriginal girls taken from their birth families and placed in an institution. It is a "Stolen Generations" story which was distributed in the U.S. by Miramax and is now available on DVD.
Rabbit-Proof Fence -- Gulpilil plays supporting role A review of The Tracker.
Rabbit-Proof Fence -- Gulpilil plays supporting role One Red Blood -- Darlene Johnson's extraordinary biography of Gulpilil, his work and his traditional life in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. This documentary features never-before-seen footage of sacred rituals which tribal elders permitted Johnson to film.
Rabbit-Proof Fence -- Gulpilil plays supporting role Review of One Red Blood
News story about Gulpilil's film Serenades
Information about Serenades, a Gulpilil picture from 2000 filmed in New Zealand.

Seranades film review

This link goes to a review of a little-known 1987 Australian 
movie with Gulpilil. It is available on video in the US but was 
never released in Australia. Title: DARK AGE.

Gulpilil in Crocodile Dundee -- scholarly article

A review of Walkabout, Gulpilil's first and most famous movie featuring several competing cultural analyses.
Storm Boy film -- how to order A wonderful website providing nformation about Storm Boy, a beloved Australian film about a motherless boy, his pet pelican, and his Aboriginal friend "Fingerbone Bill" played by Gulpilil. Many Australians remember Gulpilil more for this film than for Walkabout.
Naked Under Capricorn historical mini-series
Naked Under Capricorn 9 Network-Resolution Films-Revcom / 2x120m-e / 1989 17-18 September -- A period drama serial featuring David Gulpilil as Activity.
Naked Under Capricorn historical mini-series A radio interview with Gulpilil in which he discusses his work in film.
Naked Under Capricorn historical mini-series More Gulpilil on radio: An article describing an early radio broadcast by Gulpilil at the beginning of his career.

Gulpilil acts in episodes of TV series "Boney"

Gulpilil plays a supporting role in an episode of the Australian and British television series Boney (a detective series with a white New Zelander playing a half-caste Aboriginal crime fighter in the outback.) Gulpilil also appears in the following episodes: "Boney and the Payback Killer"; "Boney and the Black Virgin"; "Boney Buys a Woman"; "Boney and the Burial Tree."

Gulpilil acts in TV series "Young Ramsay"

An episode of Young Ramsy, a popular Australian television series that ran in 1980, was called "Dreamtime" and featured David Gulpilil as the storyteller.
University of Sydney dance performance description

University Of Sydney Videos: Aboriginal Dance--David Gulpilil
45 minutes Colour 1978 Archival source for the  recording of a performance by David Gulpilil and the Aboriginal Dance Group at the Faculty of Architecture. Order Number AR037 (unavailable outside Australia, sadly)

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