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Dance and Musical Performances by David Gulpilil and Company (plus some news articles.)

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Gulpilil's impression of a Kookaburra Listen to Gulpilil's impression of a kookaburra bird in real audio format.
Gulpilil plays on Nomad album
Review of a remarkable album by Nomad (Adam Plack) recorded on tribal lands and featuring Gulpilil and other local master songmen.

Interview with Adam Plack (Nomad) about Gulpilil music

NOMAD: SONGMAN a great interview with Adam Plack (referenced above,) whose collaboration with Gulpilil and other  master musicians from the community of Ramingining is achieving worldwide popularity.
Gulpilil's dance group music
Reference to the recording Music from Ramingining by the David Gulpilil Dance Group, sadly now out of print.
White Cockatoo Dance Group -- Gulpilil dance captain
White Cockatoo Performing Group, a traditional dance collective with whom Gulpilil sometimes tours and performs.
dance troupe gets grant Media announcement of a grant awarded to the  Gulpilil Dance Group to attend a dance conference in 2000. (You must use the "find" feature to search for the name Gulpilil on this page.)

personal appearance at Adelaide conference in 1997

Reference to the Adelaide dance conference where Gulpilil performed in 1997. (You must use the "find" feature to search for the name Gulpilil on this page.)


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