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Photographic Images of David Gulpilil 

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standing sentinel

courtship dance, back view

courtship dance, front view closeup of his face with lighting
In 1970 Gulpilil, then  about fifteen, appeared in Nicholas Roeg's film Walkabout .


eyes closed, smiling on horseback smiling


In 1976, Gulpilil costarred in Mad Dog Morgan with Dennis Hopper.



from The Last Wave


courtroom scene

with Richard Chamberlain in The Last Wave

Gulpilil was transcendent in The Last Wave with Richard Chamberlain in 1977, a critically acclaimed Peter Weir film.


Gulpilil had a guest appearance in Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee in 1987 -- a role in which he had the opportunity to display his skill at traditional dancing. Unfortunately, he was paid a flat rate for the job and did not benefit from the film's multi-million dollar revenue.

dancing in crocodile dundee

smiling in Crocodile Dundee


In 1996 he appeared in Dead Heart  starring Brian Brown. in Dead Heart


The Movie Star: David Gulpilil on Bondi Beach, 1985, a photograph by Tracey Moffatt, hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, Sydney Australia.

The Movie Star - painting by Tracey Moffatt


Gulpilil when interviewed by Mark Baker at his home at Ramingining in 1999.

Gulpilil at home in Ramingining in 1999



Book cover and images from The Birirrk, text by Gulpilil, photographs by Neal McLeod (out of print.)


Book cover The Birirrk Indigenous rock art from The Birirrk Photo from The Birirrk - Gulpilil with spear


Book cover for Gulpilil's Stories of the Dreamtime  -- text by David Gulpilil, compiled by Hugh Rule and Stuart Goodman, illustrated by Allan Hondow, photography by Stuart Goodman: Collins, Sydney, Auckland. Go to Dreamtime Stories book cover


Album cover: NOMAD: SONGMAN, 1999 Australian Music International, Inc. This CD was produced by New York musician Adam Plack. It features vocal and instrumental performances by Gulpilil and other elder songmen from the town of Ramingining in Australia's Northern Territory. photo from "Dreamtime" on Nomad album cover

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